symfony framework development

Symfony Framework Overview

Symfony framework that based on PHP-5 provides the significant opportunities if talking about quality, wastes of time and cost. This amazing framework is full of features that make the process of the development much easier and faster that causes the considerable cut of project costs. The benefits of working with this framework are proven by the experience of the leading companies worldwide such as Yahoo Answers and Delicious. Symfony framework is the best tool to build robust web solutions as well as to deliver complex projects.

Symfony needs a few prerequisites for being installed and integrated with any user’s configuration. All you need for doing this is to have Linux or Windows, web server and PHP 5. The framework is not dependable on the environment: almost each one suits. Symfony makes it available to use a lot of common enterprise design patterns, for example, Model-View-Controller. Symfony framework has taken some useful and convenient features from other Web Application Frameworks such as RoR. If you observe all the advantages of Symfony, it could be thought to have no faults or drawbacks. Really, this framework with its significant functionality and easy interface allows you to meet any standards or requirements. The qualified team of the SymfonyDriven’s Symfony developers use all the technology advantages when realizing Symfony projects in order to provide customers with the best and the most suitable solutions based on the strong and perspective Symfony framework.

Symfony Framework Benefits

Using Symfony Our Customers Win:

  • 1. Saving time for Symfony websites and other scalable applications development.
  • 2. Easy and highly professional means and tools to maintain the products developed (if using some pre-designed tunes and requirements for Symfony).
  • 3. Free licensed Open source product with the number of components enabling to provide systems of high complexity at low budget.
  • 4. Symfony helps to design clear logically organized systems that greatly operate under high traffic load without loosing performance and stability.
  • 5. Symfony technology helps to reduce time to market.
  • 6. Small overhead.

With Symfony developers gain:

  • 1. Easy-to-learn flexible structure of Symfony framework helps designing great web applications quickly and of highest quality.
  • 2. Allows working with almost every environment.
  • 3. Simple patterns design and clear code review.
  • 4. High compatibility with agile methodology leading to permanent work load without time gaps.
  • 5. High level of integration with most libraries and frameworks of other providers.
  • 6. Simple and easy to add customized helper functions, ability to change the configuration handlers with custom functionality.
  • 7. Large and friendly developers community support.