Symfony Website Development

Symfony is an open source PHP framework for web application development. The Symfony framework creation was caused by Sensio founder’s dissatisfaction of all the existing PHP frameworks whose main goal was to create a framework for building website process speeding-up.

Now it is proved to be the best PHP framework for creating dynamic websites. And it’s not strange. Symfony tools allow using the best web programming methodologies and practices which are available now and its MVC (model-view-controller) is implemented in its best way.

If you choose the Symfony framework for creating your website, undoubtedly, you’ll be on target. If you choose SymfonyDriven as a business partner, you’ll get qualified Symfony web development services as well as a reliable and responsible team which will turn your idea into the required solutions.

Our Symfony web development services

Good scalability. Our team provides a designed application of high quality that allows business logic advancement and new modules creation.

High-loaded systems. Our developers have extensive experience with high-loaded systems; thus, we implement successfully scalable applications.

Enterprise applications & Business integration. Our company specializes in business-application development. Our expertise covers enterprise bank system with many business rules implementation using Symfony2 and Doctrine2 frameworks.

Benefits for customers

No doubt, there are a lot of advantages of using Symfony framework for developers, but let’s discuss the benefits for the customers’ needs.

  • Custom-oriented website development with the proven techniques and standards using can be provided at the earliest possible date.
  • The latest web-development technologies: AJAX, MVC, automated testing possibility. Covering code with tests when implementing guarantees cohesion of system, reduces testers load and reduces probability of glitches.
  • Due to ORM using in the project there is no need for developers to worry about objects and the way they are stored in a database.

Benefits for developers

Using the Symfony framework help developers to create more beautiful and testable code because of the following reasons:

  • All code is object-oriented.
  • MVC pattern implementation and a very flexible structure.
  • Integrated JavaScript libraries.
  • Environment possibility for developing, production, testing and custom configuring.
  • Advanced cashing system.

Our developers are knowledgeable in Symfony website development and will be glad to provide you with the best solutions. We keep pace with the times and we’ll implement your project with Symfony 2.0 as well as we have experience in Symfony 1.4; thus we can successfully support legacy systems. If you wish to know more about Symfony web development, please contact us.