Fixed Price Business Model

Our fixed period, fixed cost model gives customers possibility of a low-risk opportunity and can be applied in case when the measure and performance specifications of the layout are allowably understandable.

This pattern insures on-time, on-budget conveyance of projects. Terminations, prices and timeframes are clearly determined in the Fixed Time/Fixed Price pattern. In fixed period, fixed-cost commitments.

We follow a synchronized access way that embodies overview, improvement, materialization and enterprise endorsement. Banding the fixed time, fixed price pattern with our settlements center, We can propose our clients a formidable preponderant on the price front.

This pattern works most effectively for - Clients with well- ascertained demands and project timetables. Under this opportunity, the purchaser pays a pre- considered fixed sum for the accomplished project, which in order is connected to well-determined deliverables.

For any conversion in measure a predetermined fixed hourly valuation agreed at the beginning stage of start when layout is compensated. For any conversions there is a specimen change requirement process that is followed for which we utilize structured processes in place.