• Over 6 years experience in web development.
  • Expert in client / server web-technologies; portal and web-site engines, payment gateways; OOP in PHP5, OOP in JavaScript, DOM, AJAX; Database connectivity, Database architecture, SQL engines; XML-technologies.
  • Experience in team-leading (web development team leading for 3 years, programmers team leading).
  • Experience in communication with consumers from Germany, Austria, China, USA.

EDUCATION: 2006 – 2010, Kharkiv National University, department of Mechanics and Mathematics.


Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, AJAX, jQuery, HTML/CSS.
Database: NoSQL Databases (Redis, MongoDB) — advanced.
Web development: Java, C, C++, Delphi — little experience, Linux and FreeBSD servers administration, including cloud based EC2 servers administration; Algorithms development for advertising systems (searches and geo-location processing, fraud filtering); Algorithms development for programmed numerical control machines; experience with APIs like Skype API.
Frameworks: Symfony, Zend Framework, Skeleton.


July/2011 – Present, SymfonyDriven
Position: Lead Project Developer
PROJECT: Confidential
DESCRIPTION: This web-site provides a simple and efficient way to discover what your customers really think of your business. With their constructive feedback you can improve your customer satisfaction. Web 2.0 project.
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: development using Symfony 1.4 framework based PHP, MySQL, Ajax. PHP Unit test creation.